How A SEO-Friendly Website Can Be Your Hardest Working Salesperson in Grande Prairie In 2019

You have probably wondered how your competitors are generating higher revenue and attracting clients even though you are clearly offering higher quality services and products at great prices in Grande Prairie. There are high chances that it is because your website isn’t SEO friendly.

No matter how many top salespeople you hire to increase your revenue, an SEO-friendly website will be your hardest working salesperson, generating optimal results. It is important for any business, looking to generate more leads, to have an optimized website in order to target their potential clients.

Optimizing your website can get overwhelming since it requires financial investment, as well as time and effort. This is why it is recommended that you consult Grande Prairie SEO experts to get your website optimized for search engines and witness business growth in 2019.

However, before you invest in Grande Prairie web design company, you must first understand how your website, designed specifically for search engine optimization, can be your hardest working salesperson in Grande Prairie in 2019.

Brand Building

A strong brand can lead to a strong business. When individuals start recognizing your company’s name, logo, colors, and products in Grande Prairie, they begin trusting your brand for their needs.

While your sales team can diligently work to attract your target audience and convert leads into customers, your Grande Prairie SEO-friendly website can drastically enhance your brand image. Consumers utilize the internet to look up the right brand to fulfill their needs and requirements. With a strong online brand presence, your business would pop up for relevant searches based in Grande Prairie.

The more your target customers see your brand online, the more familiar they will get with your business. This will enhance their trust, and give you higher chances to convert potential clients into paying clients.

Enhanced SERP Positions

Your brand’s position on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) plays a vital role in the number of leads you generate. The higher your website ranks on the search results, the more target audience you can reach in your local area.

Therefore, it is essential that your website has an SEO-friendly Grande Prairie web design to show up on the top of the search engine results. Individuals looking for services and products online trust the brands appearing on the top of their SERP. Those brands are considered as industry leaders. Your potential customers trust Google ranking as the algorithm assesses the content to provide users with websites that have the most valuable content for them.

This means, once your brand is among the top search results, there won’t be any other salesperson on your team generating more revenue than your SEO-friendly website. Your brand will be considered as one of the industry leaders that your potential clients can trust.

Benefiting the Most Out of Marketing Budget

While SEO is integral for your online reputation, it can also help you gain optimal results from your marketing budget. Who doesn’t want to obtain the best results and that too within their marketing budget?

Spending money through Facebook, AdWorks, and other ad platforms for generating traffic means you are investing hours posting on social media platforms in order to drive ‘free traffic’. If you aren’t generating organic traffic, the majority of the traffic is coming from these paid sources. You would have to utilize automation tools and other strategies required to generate initial traffic.

Your business will be depending on social media and paid advertising for this purpose, which can be expensive. While this indeed works but it isn’t a long-term sustainable business strategy. The minute you stop advertising or neglect your social media platforms, your traffic will stop completely.

SEO-friendly websites, on the other hand, provides long-term results with monthly maintenance. You can constantly generate profits and growth well within your marketing budget. Gradually, your traffic will begin generating organically and you won’t have to keep on relying on expensive methods of traffic generation.

You start getting more for less! This is exactly what any business could hope to achieve.

Increased Website Traffic

When your Grande Prairie web design team starts using SEO in your content, your brand will be in a higher position to enhance traffic. The SEO experts utilize the best practices, including optimizing meta descriptions and titles to add more value to your pages.

This allows your potential customers to know exactly what your brand can offer them. People prefer knowing exactly what is on your website and how it can assist their needs. Therefore, an optimized website encourages them to click on the search results and find out more about your company.

When these elements are combined with a strong website ranking, your brand can get through optimization and you will start witnessing an increase in the rates of your traffic. You would be able to attract more potential clients in Grande Prairie to your website. Your sales team would also get more opportunities to convert leads into paying customers.

The SEO website would be your strongest leading salesperson, helping the team to work towards increased revenue generation.

No Need to Pay for Ad Space

The biggest benefit of an SEO-friendly website is that you don’t have to pay for ad space! Let’s take a look at how traditional ad campaigns work.

You have to decide where you want to feature your brand – whether a specific TV channel and time slot, a newspaper, magazine, or a radio station. After that, you make the payment to the media company for the placement. You pay for your advertisement to appear on a specific time or a specific duration and once that time is up, your advertisement stops appearing. As a result, your business stops gaining results.

However, with your Grande Prairie SEO-friendly website, your brand will appear among the top results on the search results without paying a single cent. Indeed, you still need to put in effort and time to earn a high ranking but once you do, your business will begin generating traffic without investing in ad placements.

Increased Percentage of Leads

As mentioned before, an SEO-friendly website doesn’t just generate traffic for your website but also enhances the chances of that traffic converting into leads, and eventually paying customers. This is another major reason how SEO can be your top salesperson!

This is because SEO focuses on determining what your potential clients want and then works to fulfill those needs. A strong SEO strategy creates a website, which is tailored to your target audience. SEO gives you the chance to assess your sales funnel and identify the needs of your target audience at each stage. This way, you can map out the personas of your target audience to their different buying stages. As a result, an effective content strategy can be created.

Your content would be able to engage your potential clients when they visit your website, this will enable you to lead them easily through your sales funnel. They will find the information they are looking for and your sales team would know how to take them towards the next level. As a result, your brand can enjoy a greater conversion percentage at every stage.

Expanding Reach beyond Geographic Boundaries

Traditional marketing, as well as your salespeople, are confined to your particular area in Grande Prairie. While you can promote your business through billboards, radio broadcasts, direct mail, and other traditional means, you can still cover a limited area in Grande Prairie.

When your website is optimized for Grande Prairie SEO, it works way beyond the limitations of your sales team and traditional marketing. Your reach is expanded beyond your particular town, and even city! People living outside of Grande Prairie can also reach your business and avail of the services and products you have to offer.

When you understand the benefits of SEO and maintaining an optimized site, your web pages can rank higher in SERP for potential clients looking for relevant services and products in numerous locations. If your content is relevant and useful for the users, it will appear on their search results no matter at what location they based. As a result, your business will get a wider room to grow, have the chance to expand your customer base, and enhance your reach.

Understanding the Needs of Customers

Today’s customers want businesses to realize and understand their needs and requirements. They opt for brands that can fulfill their individual needs and prefers the businesses they can have nurturing relationships with. They don’t want to be merely a number for businesses.

In order to attract modern consumers, both offline and online, you must understand their needs personally. For this, you have to target your potential clients specifically to understand their behaviors and their actions.

Before SEO, companies used to conduct market research, as well as the analysis of their own products and services to understand the needs of their customers, market trends, and other factors that impact the buying behaviors of customers. However, with SEO, businesses have a completely new level of understanding of their customers.

With an optimized Grande Prairie web design, you can monitor the behavior of your website visitors. This will include the bounce rate, the number of times your website is opened, which pages are most visited, the rate of shopping carts abandoned, as well as the percentage of repeat customers.

Impacting the Buying Cycle

Businesses need to understand that customers conduct their research before deciding to opt for a particular brand for their products or services. This is the major benefit customers get from shopping online.

SEO can up the game by customizing the messages to deliver the right services, products, and deals right on the screens of your potential clients. It can have a major positive impact on the buying behavior of your potential clients.

Your brand must be visible in places your potential consumers need them in order to make a stronger and trustworthy connection. Optimizing your website increases this visibility and allows your potential clients to get the answers and solutions they need from your business.

Leveraging New Opportunities

While your sales team can score new opportunities and attract new clients, this percentage can drastically increase when SEO steps in. Your brand can continuously discover and leverage new opportunities and convert leads. When your website is optimized for Grande Prairie SEO, your potential customers would be able to understand your brand better, giving you more opportunities.

When your website is designed specifically for search engine optimization, your traffic, your conversions and your revenue percentage can drastically increase. You understand your customers far better through SEO than you can ever via the research collected by your sales team. While the persuasion power of an experienced salesperson can’t be denied, the power and importance of SEO being your highest-revenue generating salesperson should also be denied. Grande Prairie web design can give your customers the personalized experience they desire from a brand. It can demonstrate that your company cares about their needs and are willing to offer individualized solutions to resolve their issues.

While brands used to be limited by factors and consumer behaviors they could determine through broad market research before the emergence of digital marketing and SEO, businesses can now thoroughly evaluate the behavior and needs of their customers to generate superior experience and satisfaction through SEO websites.

However, you need to keep in mind that the right tools and techniques are required to make the most out of SEO. Just like you have to provide your sales team with the right strategies, tools, and training to reap the most benefits, you need to put in effort and time to utilize SEO the right way. It can be difficult for businesses to fully enjoy the benefits of SEO without knowing the right techniques and strategies.

What is the solution? Let the experts step in to help you attain maximum out of this outstanding tool at your disposal. The Grande Prairie web design team at Elevated Web Solutions can make it easier for you to optimize your website for search engines. If you want to revamp your SEO efforts, or if you are getting started with Grande Prairie SEOcontact us today. Our team will assist your business in enhancing your traffic and generating higher revenue for the positive growth of your company.