The Importance of Cutting-Edge Web Design and Its Impact on Your Business

When only given 10 minutes to consume content, 70% of the audience on the internet prefers to see something that has been beautifully designed instead of something that is plain and simple. When it comes to your web design in Edmonton, it is imperative that you see it as a vital aspect of your presence in online marketing. A great website is not only needed to attract customers, but also helps retain employees, and makes a good impression of your business.

A well-designed website isn’t made by accident and requires several things to be aligned in the correct order to be accomplished. We are going to look at the importance of cutting-edge web design, and how it impacts your business down below.

Importance of Cutting-Edge Web Design

When you’re looking to redesign your website, you should only settle for the very best web designs since it can have a major impact on your business. So, how does it impact your business and your audience? Let’s check out some of the reasons why cutting-edge web design is so important below:

1. Setting a Great First Impression

As your audience lands on your website, they are given their first impression of your business. During the first few seconds, they will judge your business, and it is imperative that you make a positive impact on them during these few seconds. If your website appears outdated or unappealing, your audience will get a negative impression about your business.

They won’t find any reason to check out other pages of your website, which means that you will end up losing out on valuable leads since they will leave your website and go to a competitor. A great web design holds great value since it impacts the way your audience sees your brand. Therefore, the impression you make on them can be the catalyst to ensure they remain on your website and learn more about your business, or they leave your website to visit a competitor. Good web design helps set a great first impression, which in turn helps you keep customers on your page.

2. Helps Your SEO Strategy

Most web design practices and elements will influence the way you are publishing content on your website, and that will affect the way search engine spiders index and crawl your website. You can’t risk messing this up, because if your on-page SEO is not up to the mark, you will struggle to obtain visibility for your website online. Apart from the way you publish content on your website, other web design elements can affect the SEO as well.

If you’re not familiar with web design and how it works, you will struggle to understand it, but to explain it in simple terms, the code you’re using must be SEO-friendly. So, how can you ensure that you’re following authentic web design practices that impact search engine visibility? You can do that by partnering with an agency that specializes in web design in Edmonton.

3. Placing Emphasis on Customer Service

Your customers can get a great idea of the type of customer service they can expect from your business by checking out your website. The web design you choose will give them insight into how you much importance you give to your audience. So, if you’ve not placed any effort into the design of your website, they can safely assume that the business isn’t going to put much effort to help them.

In essence, your website will serve as a customer service representative. This means that if your website is inviting, bright, and modern, the audience will feel welcome when they arrive on your page. They will get the impression that you’re welcoming and open to new people that visit your website.

However, an unappealing and outdated website gives the impression that your business is cold and doesn’t care about their customers. People will not want to work with a business that doesn’t care about putting in a great first impression. Your web design acts as the digital face of your business. It’s similar to when customers walk into your physical store, you would want to make them feel welcome by greeting them with a friendly face. That is exactly what a modern and updated web design in Edmonton represents to your online customers.

4. Building Trust with Your Audience

Online customers don’t trust websites that are poorly designed, and if they notice that your website’s design and content are outdated, they won’t do business with you. They will view your website as shady since your web design isn’t updated. Professional web design creates trust with your audience, as they will feel comfortable sharing information with your business.

If you want customers to stay on your website, it’s important that you build their trust. When visitors trust your website, they will remain longer on it, and your business will have more opportunities to convert those leads.

5. Don’t Fall Behind Your Competition

If you’re looking for reasons on why cutting-edge web design is important for your business, here’s the most important one: Your competition is already taking advantage of cutting-edge web design. So, to remain competitive in the marketplace, you must also ensure your web design is updated as well. Your website should stand out from the competition, which it won’t manage to do if you have an outdated, low-quality, and old website that doesn’t rank on search engines.

This will result in you losing valuable leads to your customers since they will attract more people on their website since it is more appealing than yours. The design of your website gives you an opportunity to stand apart from your competition, as you can showcase the unique features of your website, and why audiences should work with your business instead of your competition.

6. Greater Consistency for Your Business

When you’re looking to attract new leads for your business, you also want to establish your brand image. The goal is to ensure your audience gets familiar with your brand, so they can convert easily. This is where web designs are important since they allow your business to have greater consistency. You should have the same layouts, styles, and fonts on every page of your website since its unprofessional to have different designs on every page of your website. It also makes it harder to create brand recognition for your website since your audience will struggle to identify what colors are associated with your brand.

An inconsistent website will not manage to retain customers since they will get distracted and move onto more professional websites. A consistent layout helps keep leads on the page for longer times and allows them to get familiar with the business. You will also manage to earn more conversions and leads in the future if you redesign your website for this element.

The Important Elements of Cutting-Edge Web Design

By now you should understand the importance of cutting-edge web design, but now its time that we look at some of the elements you should focus on when developing a quality web design in Edmonton. So, without further ado, here are the key elements you need to incorporate to create a cutting-edge web design.

1. Responsive Web Design

The growth in mobile devices means that responsive designs are now the key features for most websites. Your audience can access the website from various devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, if you want these leads to remain on your website, you should ensure that every individual has a positive experience.

This is where responsive web design comes into the picture since it allows your audience to have a memorable experience on your website, irrespective of what device they use. The website will also adapt to the device to ensure that the website is appropriately sized for the device, which is important for keeping them interested and engaged on your website.

Responsive web designs also lead to users staying engaged for longer periods on your website, which is why you must integrate responsive design to have a cutting-edge web design.

2. Solid Navigation

The visitors that access your website will want to access information easily and quickly. So, if you want users to remain on your website, you must have a simple and easy to use navigation for them. The visitors on your website shouldn’t be struggling to find information and will want to access the navigation bar and be directed easily to the information they require. You’ll discourage your audience from engaging with your website if you have poor navigation on your website.

The attention span of visitors on the internet is short, and if you want to keep them to remain on your website, you should help them access information quickly. The navigation should be self-explanatory and simple, with broad headings that include numerous subtopics, so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

3. Powerful Visuals

A lot of businesses are looking to integrate visual elements on their websites since it is proven to help improve engagement. Statistics state that visitors are 10 times more likely to interact with video content than with text. It is understood that visual elements are required for breaking up text and engagement, but some businesses can go overboard with these images. They end up crowding their website with videos and photos, which makes the website look cluttered and overwhelms visitors.

It may seem like a good idea to integrate a lot of videos and photos to create engagement on your website, but it can quickly have the opposite effect. A web page with too many images makes it harder to read and ends up frustrating the viewer. Therefore, you must strike a balance with text and images on the page if you want your website to be successful. Don’t blindly add visual elements to try and increase engagement since visual elements must be added purposefully.

4. Integrate Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

When you have leads on your website, your aim should be to guide them towards converting. The best way to do that is by using call-to-action (CTA) buttons since its important that you get your audience to act in the best way for you. A well-designed CTA button will help your audience take the next step, and you need to ensure that these buttons stand out on the page and fit seamlessly into the web design.

So, if you have a color scheme of gray, white, yellow, and black, having a yellow CTA button will immediately stand out on the page. It will match the scheme and will draw the attention of viewers on the page as well, which is the end goal.

5. Excellent Copy

Every great website needs powerful copy since the main reason your audience visits your website is to obtain valuable information. Therefore, it’s imperative that you write a high-quality copy for your website when you’re providing information to your audience. Writing engaging copy helps keep the audience longer on a page, and they’ll want to read all the information shared on the website and want to learn more about your business as well. It’s also important that the style of writing is aligned with the style of the website for greater consistency.

The content on the website is just as important as the overall design, and that is the reason why it’s important that you deliver an excellent copy to your audience with valuable information they will read.

6. Page Speed

You may have an exceptional website design, but it won’t count for anything if your audience doesn’t get the chance to see it. One of the most important elements of web design is page speed, which plays a role in ensuring that your website loads quickly, and your audience can access information quickly.

People hate visiting websites where they must wait for pages due to slow loading speed. If a page takes an eternity to load, the viewer will lose interest and will move on towards another website that loads pages faster than yours.